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Learning leaders today have their work cut out. Cutting-edge platforms and tools are continually emerging, but using them within your learning ecosystem is not always straightforward. At the same time, the shift to home working has left many organisations struggling to catch up on training.

At Sponge, our teams are trained to look at the big picture, identifying problems and opportunities as well as having the technical knowhow to implement a solution. Whatever your learning needs, we can be a welcome source of strategic expertise.

The Practice.

The Practice is an in-house consultancy and R&D team that responds creatively to any learning question, project, or need that you have. 

As an industry stalwart with a reputation for cutting edge solutions, we're lucky to attract some of the best and brightest L&D professionals. Our consultants in The Practice challenge our clients to elevate the value of learning in their organisation, drawing upon our internal bodies of research, learning science methodologies, and hands-on experience to bring you something that both 'wows' and 'works'.  

Going beyond just the digital, we're practised at considering the whole learning ecosystem of large enterprise, and shaping solutions that address many learning touchpoints, both offline and online. 

Strategic partnerships.

Your extended team.

Dedicated support.

We can pull together dedicated teams for large-scale, multi-faceted projects.

Technical expertise.

We excel in designing and implementing bespoke technology solutions that respond to your needs.

Powerfully creative.

We have a strong track record of using creativity to banish boredom for good.

Global experience.

We’ve delivered hundreds of projects in multiple languages with tight deadlines.
Complex training problems.

Helping you solve difficult challenges.

We love the challenge of a complex training problem. Our scale, technical knowhow and experience can support you in rolling out your strategy and balancing your long-term learning aims with immediate needs.

  • Platform consultancy.
  • Learning-science-driven strategy.
  • Advice on authoring tools.
  • Reporting and feedback.
  • Rollout challenges and translations.
  • Boosting engagement.
Learning impact evaluation.

We can build a clear evaluation of your organisation’s learning to guide further action.

Blended learning strategies.

Blended learning provides multiple ways for learners to deepen their knowledge over time.

Learning technologies strategy.

We look at how systems are helping you pursue your goals and advise on augmentations or upgrades.

Want to know more about learning strategy?

We’d love to hear from you with any questions about Sponge’s services.

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