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learning solutions.

Blended learning is the combination of different learning modes – face-to-face, digital, webinar and video – to provide a more rounded learning experience. The variety of presentation allows people to engage with learning content in multiple ways, deepening their knowledge and improving retention long-term. At Sponge, we have extensive expertise in using blended learning to meet your challenges and make learning unforgettable.

A well-rounded approach

learning experience.

Face-to-face sessions.

In-person teaching can focus on addressing issues from prior work on learning materials.

Two-way learning.

Input and feedback from an expert supports learners in the flow of work.

Increased flexibility.

Digital and online components allow learners to work remotely and at their own pace.

A permanent resource.

Employees can revisit learning materials over time and at the point of need.

Making learning
work for you.

Sponge employs a consultative approach to curate an optimum experience for blended learning courses.

Your tech ecosystem.

Blended learning should be adapted to your existing tech infrastructure to function optimally.

Opportunities for social learning.

Blended learning works best with some peer support for a communal, collaborative approach.

Structured feedback and coaching.

In-person consultation is a key addition to digital learning, helping to smooth over challenges.

Content mix.

The variety of modes allows learners to enjoy a range of different learning benefits.

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