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Sponge Analytics

A data platform that pairs with our solutions to reveal deep insights into impact & learner behaviour.

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Sponge Analytics
How it works.

We’re on a mission to change the way corporate learning is deployed, world-wide, from the ‘build-and-broadcast’ model we see today, to the ‘launch-measure-iterate’ model of the future. Sponge Analytics uses sophisticated insights to show where learning is making the most impact, across any learning topic, enterprise-wide.

How it works

Proving it's unforgettable
in real time.

As we build your learning solution, our learning designers embed data hooks into the digital experience. These hooks are based on learning science, capturing data points we know prove whether or not learning is effective. We call this Data Trace™. The technology streams the data as users learn, giving you instant visibility of learner behaviour, down to individual questions and exercises.

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Measuring impact with Sponge Analytics.

Uncover deeper learner insights organisation-wide by pairing your bespoke Sponge learning solution with Sponge Analytics. By extracting, interpreting and presenting learning insights, our analytics platform will enable you to truly measure the impacts of your learning initiative.

Demonstrate ROI.

Demonstrate ROI from the project, with behaviour and culture change insights.

Identify risk.

Identify potential risk areas and skills gaps in your audiences. 

Inform interventions.

Inform targeted follow-up interventions and iterations of your learning programmes. 

Understand what works.

Understand how, where and what learning works best, to create even more effective future learning experiences. 

Improve year-on-year training, and prove it.

Design your learning better every year, and prove it, with Sponge Analytics.

If you have mandatory training you refresh every year, our analytics platform gives you clarity on what is and isn’t working to inform next year’s design, making it easy for you to report on year-on-year performance.

Digestible insights for reporting & benchmarking.

Gain immediate, digestible performance insights.

Guide future learning design, with insights delivered through Analytics & Consultancy.

Easy year-on-year reporting and benchmarking.

Compare performance of flagship learning roll outs, year-on-year… even if they are on different topics.

If you have mandatory training you refresh every year, Sponge Analytics gives you clarity on what is and isn’t working to inform next year’s design, making it easy for you to report on year-on-year performance.

Launch your training, analyse the performance of your learners, and use the analytics to course adjust for future learning programmes.

Sponge Analytics will extract data on learner behaviours, and provide and single, digestible view of KPIs relating to learner engagement.

Our in-house consultancy, The Practice, can help identify critical insights from this data that allows you to iterate your learning programmes and drive greater impact the next time round.

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