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A data platform that pairs with our solutions to reveal deep insights into impact & learner behaviour.

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the Sponge LMS.

Powered by cutting-edge technology, Spark, the Sponge LMS, is a cloud-based Learning Management System that enhances user experience, facilitates admin, and enables rich, instant monitoring of learning performance.

With storage and analytics tools to gain deeper understanding, and administrative features such as facial recognition, digital signatures, and performance reviews to make learning management easier, Sponge LMS provides many invaluable tools to improve your learning ecosystem.


Spark, the Sponge LMS, can monitor and store learning activity from desktop, tablet or mobile – even if not continually connected. This gives easy, universal access, removing technical frustrations that can cause barriers to users accessing learning.

Designed for 
human beings.

How many platforms out there feel like they were built for robots? Our Learning Management System was designed and built around user experience, with an interface that focuses on simplicity, making it intuitive for you and your learners.

Deeper data for
better insights.

Our LMS has full LRS integration capability and is designed with an emphasis on storing, analysing, and presenting data to help you report easily on learning performance.

Advanced Features

From digital document signatures, to facial recognition, data security, and managing events - our LMS has market-leading features that make your life easier.

Reporting and Tracking

Complete with LRS technology, our invaluable LMS reporting tools help learning managers grasp how their programmes are working.

API Integrations

Benefit from a wide range of easy integrations that allow you to plug your new Learning Management System into your existing people management systems.

Optimised for
compliance management.

Spark, the Sponge LMS, was designed with compliance at the heart of what it is intended to deliver for a user experience. The platform has a compliance section that allows for rules and plans to be instituted to cover all ranges of learning activities. With features that support both online and offline activity, Spark gives you a user friendly tool that's designed to reduce risk.

Spark, the Sponge LMS, allows you to access an instant snapshot of progress against learning activities, as well as areas where non-compliance is located. Within seconds, see what's working, where the gaps are, and where people risk is leaving you exposed, through a RAG status that can be evaluated at any level of your organisation, from business unit, to a team or even an individual level. 

Our LMS platform allows for individual compliance rules or proficiencies to be created to cater for specific job functions, org units, or teams. We have a fully integrated set of permissions that allow managers and admins of the platform to view direct reports and evaluate skills gaps among direct reports.

In sectors where non-compliance is high-risk, external bodies often require evidence that employee training has taken place. Spark stores and presents this information in a cohesive, accessible, easy-to-understand way.

Data, tracking and reporting.

Get instant insights on learners’ progress.

Sponge’s Learning Management System features allow effortless retrieval of learner data to discover how their understanding is developing. Our LMS enables you to:

  • Retrieve, analyse, and visualise learning data from xAPI statements.
  • Monitor learners’ progress in detail.
  • Easily create, allocate, and personalise assessments.
  • Collect data on compliance learning to identify weaknesses and minimise risk.
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