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To help you take control of your training, Sponge has created cutting-edge systems that both deliver and inform your learning strategy.

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and awards.

At Sponge, we’re on a mission to shape the future of digital learning, to truly leave a legacy that our clients value and our people can be proud of.

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Our learning solutions mark a sea change in our industry. We know our subject matter and we have a belief in the science and data behind our programmes. Over the years we’ve built strong partnerships with some of the world’s biggest global brands, delivering countless award-winning learning solutions together.

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Unique challenges?
Unique solutions.

How many companies can say they’ve won 50+ industry awards? We love celebrating our partnerships, sharing and recognising the hard work that goes into every Sponge project.

Some of our recent awards:

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About Sponge Partnering with Sponge.

At Sponge, we work with our clients to shift the dial in learning and create agile, collaborative relationships. By partnering with Sponge, we blend our talents and capabilities with yours, to produce learning experiences that deliver outstanding return on investment.

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About Sponge Learning Science

The science of learning has much to teach us about the way humans, and the human brain, learn best. It brings together research from neuroscience, education, psychology and other disciplines to provide a more complete picture of how learning really happens.

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About Sponge Our people.

At Sponge, we place trust in the awesome value of humans. We invest in it, nurture it, and watch the magic happen.

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