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Learning science – Informing robust learning strategies.

The science of learning has much to teach us about the way humans, and the human brain, learn best. It brings together research from neuroscience, education, psychology and other disciplines to provide a more complete picture of how learning really happens.  

At Sponge, we’re deeply committed to evolving our knowledge in these fields of study to inform the most innovate and effective learning designs. 

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What the science
tells us.

Learning occurs when we are motivated to learn, when information builds on what we already know, and when this knowledge is consolidated. We can think of these processes as ‘engage’, ‘build’ and ‘consolidate’.

Building knowledge

Building knowledge.

This learning process takes place in the frontal cortex which, is where we do our conscious thinking and mental processing, all linked to our ‘working memory’. New concepts build on existing ones and we must devise ways to connect what is known and needs to be known in order to provide relevant new information. Learning new information can be effortful, requiring time and attention.

At Sponge, we advocate using techniques to promote knowledge building, such as:

  • Working with Subject Matter Experts to distil messages to reduce cognitive load
  • Minimising distractions or superfluous material that detract from the message
  • Using quizzes and diagnostics to assess current knowledge and tailor content

Effective learning
that delivers results.

Applying evidence-based strategies to learning design improves the efficacy of our solutions leading to better ROI and business results.

Explore our work for examples of the science applied and the results we’ve achieved.

Want to use science for better learning?

Let’s talk learning science today.

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