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A data platform that pairs with our solutions to reveal deep insights into impact & learner behaviour.

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Reporting and

When evaluating the success of a learning programme, managers need feedback that goes beyond just “pass” or “fail”. To improve learning, they need to know a lot more – how much time learners took to answer particular questions, which questions gave them the most difficulty, and how performance has shifted over time.

To address this need, Sponge LMS provides two invaluable tools to gain deeper understanding – the Learning Record Store, and Reporting & Analytics.

to manage learning.

The Learning Record Store and Reporting & Analytics tools help learning managers grasp the detail of how their programmes are working.

Reporting and
tracking tools.

Data analysis tools for improved learning.

Learning Record Store.

Sponge's Learning Record Store technology is built into our LMS to track and securely store all your learning data for effortless retrieval.

Reporting and Analytics.

Sponge’s cutting-edge Reporting and Analytics tool helps you monitor learners’ progress in real time and discover how their understanding is developing.

Looking for bespoke analytics to accompany your bespoke learning programmes? Learn about our Learning Performance Platform. 

Working with Sponge has allowed us to provide even more quality training to raise the knowledge, capability and engagement levels of our colleagues and give us detailed analytics to identify any opportunities to grow.

Karyn Psyl-Thomson Talent & Capability Manager, McColls
Learning Record Store.

A flexible, usable data record.

Sponge’s Learning Record Store enables effortless retrieval, analysis, visualisation, and deployment of a vast range of user learning data from Experience Application Program Interface (xAPI) statements.

  • Tracks learning in far greater detail than SCORM.
  • Can complement your existing LMS.
  • Acts as a repository for individual learners.
  • Helps determine ROI of learning solutions.

Learning Record Store features.

The Learning Record Store allows you to track complex learning activities, giving you the information to deliver richer learning experiences such as blended learning, immersive learning, personalised learning, or multi-modal. Whatever your organisation’s size, the Learning Record Store will help you gain actionable insights.

Effortless data retrieval means that you can:

  • Launch content outside the LMS (e.g. at face-to-face events)
  • Maintain control over content delivery and user experience
  • Add security to prevent cheating (facial recognition)

The Learning Record Store allows monitoring and data retrieval on any device, regardless of whether it is constantly or only occasionally connected to the Internet. It can also operate on any server, or outside of a web browser (e.g. native iPhone app).

Take control
of your company’s learning.

If you need better reporting on your learning programmes but don’t want to change your LMS, our Learning Performance Platform could be the analytics tool you need.

Using the functionality built into Sponge’s learning programmes, the Learning Performance Platform is able to study data from users and transform it into digestible, quick-look insights. The richness of data collected enables a particularly detailed analysis of learning behaviours – so you can investigate how your programmes are working and where you need to iterate.

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