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Sponge Analytics

A data platform that pairs with our solutions to reveal deep insights into impact & learner behaviour.

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Test. Tune.
Take action.

Sponge Analytics pairs with our learning solutions to reveal deep insights, enabling you to identify risks, spot areas for improvement, and retune your content to achieve your strategic objectives. Our platform is designed either to work with your existing learning systems or within our Learning Management System for an elevated learning experience.

What is Sponge Analytics?

“Half my budget is wasted; the trouble is, I don’t know which half.”

John Wanamaker, marketing pioneer and U.S. politician. Does this sound familiar?


Much of L&D is still where John Wanamaker was years ago. Don’t be! Pair Sponge Analytics with our learning solutions to see exactly where your money is making a difference and how you can optimise your experience further, with real-time learning observations.



With tailored data visualisations you get metrics that are simple to view and easy to act on, allowing you to analyse data with ease.



Clients on Sponge Analytics also get proactive workshops and reports from our in-house consultants, who extract the insights from the noise, and guide you on clear and easy next steps.


See your insights in action.

Take the guesswork out of tracking and give your learning budget extra credibility with Sponge Analytics.

How it works.

Proving it's unforgettable
in real time.

As we build your learning solution, our learning designers embed data hooks into the digital experience. These hooks are based on learning science, capturing data points we know prove whether or not learning is effective. We call this Data Trace™. The technology streams the data as users learn, giving you instant visibility of learner behaviour, down to individual questions and exercises.

Explore features

Spot and address risk.

Predict and improve problem behaviours to prevent escalation, with focused training.

Unlock better performance.

Identify where you can improve performance to maximise the impact of your learning programmes.

Bolster your budget choices.

With clear, sophisticated metrics you can make educated investments in your learning budget.

Year 1 – Launch.

Track like you mean it with Data Trace™. 

From the outset, our built-in tracking technology, Data Trace™, will stream meaningful data, collected from data hooks embedded in the design process.

  • Set yourself up for data success.
  • Get immediate performance insights.
  • Find issues fast and adjust.
  • Inform Year 2 learning design.

Granular insights.

Get to the detail by observing learner behaviour up close at question-level.

Defy the tick list.

Don’t just track what’s been done, track speed, drop off rates, and much more.

A single, clear view.

Customise your dashboard for a collated view of the answers to your critical questions.

The platform that
plugs in.

To avoid competing with your existing systems, Sponge Analytics works alongside your LMS, supplementing existing data with a deeper view.

Data Trace is suitable for custom learning built in creator platforms, including Articulate Rise, Articulate Storyline, Evolve and Sponge's authoring tool, Ignite.

The more learning content you connect to the platform, the better your analysis of topics, teams, and organisational learning culture.

Switch on sophisticated analysis.

Talk to us today to find out how Sponge Analytics can help you track and present learning data connected to your business goals. Get in touch for a demo, today.

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