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A data platform that pairs with our solutions to reveal deep insights into impact & learner behaviour.

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impact evaluation.

With company performance, compliance risks and large budgets at stake, organisations need to know whether their learning initiatives are working – all the more so if they are not.

Based on our learning science expertise, Sponge can work with you to measure learning in your organisation. Looking at a range of indicators – including learner data, social media reaction, assessments, surveys and KPI impacts – we build a clear evaluation that can guide further decision making.

Strategic consulting

Understand how to align your L&D impact analysis with enterprise-wide goals. Set yourself up for success, with consultancy that's focused on the end result.

Analytics & tracking

Understand the tools and integrations you need to put in place to start tracking sophisticated data with ease. Good impact analysis needs the right systems. 

Reporting & insights

Data doesn't always equal insights. Rely upon our consultative experts to help you mine the gold from the data you already have and turn it into action.

More from your LMS

Whether you're using our insights-rich LMS, Spark, or your own, we can help you get more out of your systems.

Still relying on surveys and completion rates? Let us help you go deeper.

How does learning impact evaluation work?

We help you get crystal clear on the goals of your learning initiatives and look at how to measure learning impact.

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Precise, question-level testing.

Sponge’s analytics platform works with our content to collect fine-grained data for a detailed analysis of learning behaviours – so you can investigate how your programmes are working in a precise, question-oriented way.


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