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Sponge Analytics

A data platform that pairs with our solutions to reveal deep insights into impact & learner behaviour.

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Sponge Analytics

Sponge Analytics uses clever technology to enable the streaming of detailed, question-level data from your digital learning programmes.

The technology

Driving key
success measures.

Sponge Analytics uses a Learning Record Store (LRS) to pull xAPI data from custom built modules that are designed to create data hooks to illustrate key success measures in your learning solution. Sponge’s internal LRS populates an inhouse analytics platform that is secure and compliant with all privacy standards.

Go beyond completion rates

Boost your
platform capability.

Sponge’s LRS is agnostic in the file formats it publishes. It is designed to plug into your existing learning ecosystem and to be played on your LMS. The data extracted can be from xAPI statements or the more traditional SCORM 1.2 format, boosting the ability of your own platform to go far beyond completion data that SCORM caters for.

The data providing

An in-depth
picture of your learning.

Unlike traditional SCORM scripts, xAPI elearning software tracks a broader range of online and offline learning activity from multiple contexts and streams the data into Sponge Analytics. This detailed level of data capture provides an in-depth picture of learning within your organisation.

LMS agnostic.

Sponge Analytics is available for any LMS, bolting on to make KPI reporting on large-scale learning releases easy and repeatable.

Authoring tool agnostic.

Data Trace™ is suitable for custom learning built in Articulate Rise, Articulate Storyline, Evolve, and Ignite.

Subject-matter agnostic.

Our learning analytics are suitable for content covering any subject matter. The more learning you plug into it, the more you can analyse your learning culture, across topics and teams, organisation-wide.

Plug advanced analytics into your learning stack today.

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