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Snapchat Unfiltered: How Snap Inc. is using AR upskilling to transform.


Snap Inc. is continually evolving, and they want their users to evolve with them. But how do you bring effective learning to a global team with different levels of technical capability? Watch our recent seminar presented at the Learning Technologies Exhibition in partnership with Snap. 

Snapchat Unfiltered: How Snap Inc. is using AR upskilling to transform.

Snap was looking to empower a large audience to become advanced Augmented Reality (AR) developers, enabling learners to adopt and employ AR with Snaps new application, Lens Studio, to build immersive experiences for hundreds of millions of users, from individuals to businesses, local teams to global audiences, the opportunities are endless.

In this joint session with Snap, we share our journey so far, and the steps we’ve taken to inspire the use of AR as a training and education resource:

  • Building education around AR to empower and excite a global audience.
  • Delivering accessible upskilling by making the technology simple to adopt, learn and deploy.
  • Looking ahead: where are super-techs like Snap Inc. are taking upskilling in the future.

Speakers: Stacey Long-Genovese, Global Head of Education at Snap Inc, Tom Griffiths, Learning Experience Consultant, and Claire Chesney, Account Manager at Sponge.

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Go beyond completion rates: boost your platform capability with Sponge Analytics.

Connecting L&D solutions to business strategy and proving learning impact remains one of the biggest challenges faced by many L&D leaders. How do you measure the success of your learning programmes against your chosen objectives? Many clients we see are “data aware”, tracking data but not necessarily gathering the right information to answer critical questions.

In this session Zach will provide a walk-through of Sponge Analytics and how the platform uses sophisticated data insights to unlock better performance, enterprise wide.

Speaker: Zach Romain, Head of Product and Innovation at Sponge.

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