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Home / Resources / Journeying beyond elearning content: a ‘choose your own adventure’ guide.

Journeying beyond elearning content: a ‘choose your own adventure’ guide.

Author: Nate Bannister Date:

In this expert informed guide, we challenge you to rethink how you create learning at your organisation.

Explore different pathways through the learning design and ideation process and move beyond a 'content first' mindset.

Download the interactive guide.

Choose your own adventure

Go beyond
elearning content.

Written by Sponge learning strategist Nate Bannister, this guide is designed to inspire new thinking about what learning at your organisation could look like. Learning content, while important, should always be thought of as a facilitator – not the be-all and end-all in a learning solution. By navigating through different pages, readers can make choices, uncover valuable insights, and discover tailored approaches to create impactful learning experiences.

Throughout the adventure, readers are encouraged to explore additional resources, including bespoke learning services, learning consultancy expertise, technical delivery support, and inspiring case studies. Coupled with the guidance provided throughout this interactive guide, these resources offer inspiration to enhance your learning initiatives.

Looking for inspiration?

Find out how our learning solutions have helped some of the biggest organisations on the planet.

Kraft Heinz
Sustainability Master's

Kraft Heinz and Sponge worked together to create a group of Sustainability Masters, skilled and experienced enough to advocate for Procurement Sustainability across their global regions.

brand ambassadors.

Sponge and Coca-Cola created a gamified digital learning campaign that delivered consistent messaging in a fun and engaging way. 

immersive business simulation.

Sponge developed an immersive business simulation that blends digital learning with a face-to-face experience to upskill new recruits in business decision making at multinational pharma giant GSK.

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