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Microlearning competency mapping.

At Sponge, we understand that not all organisations are the same, and neither are all their learners.

Our skills library makes the process of mapping content to organisations’ needs more targeted. This is true for the upskilling of individual learners, as well as the filling of skill gaps within an organisation. The focus on speed paves the way for a dynamic, skills-based approach.

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Tailored to your organisation and learner needs.

We have over 6000 learning objects in our digital learning library: these can be mapped to your organisation’s competencies and audience level.

We include our partners every step of the way, from fully understanding their learning needs and curating resources to meet them, to integrating with their LMS and engaging with their workforce.

Finally, we understand the importance of driving long-term engagement and ensuring learners succeed. By collaborating with our customers, we can refine our offering, course adjust based on data, and lay the foundations for sustained and sustainable successes

To achieve highly customised Skills Pathways, we draw on:

The Lominger Model.

Using the Lominger competency model to align content against desired workplace traits.

Face-to-face learning.

Matching content against a face-to-face learning programme to embed learning and support inperson training.

Your organisation’s vision and values.

We ensure the learning content is curated to meet individual learner needs and the overall goals of your organisation.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

We tailor our Skills Pathways to support your organisational principles such as KPIs.

Self-directed Skills Pathways for
Learning in the flow of work.

Every organisation has their own needs and goals, and every employee has different responsibilities and required skill sets. A learning programme needs to reflect this by delivering the right content and skills.

Understanding the pain points and the skills an organisation wants to foster in its employees allows us to deliver effective learning which can be tailored to your organisation’s needs and learning strategy. The learning can be delivered in short bursts via any device, and can be accessed in the moment of need, via mobile learning.

Achieve your business goals with
Curated Skills Pathways.

As a complementary service to the courses outlined in our catalogue, we provide carefully curated Skills Pathways for your organisation based on the content mapped to your learning strategy. This allows our courses to be seen as a connected eLearning path, leading from an introduction to a topic, through to more advanced materials, all the way to high-level content designed to challenge the learner.

We ensure the overarching topics are organised to reflect a Skills Pathway. Starting with transferable soft skills such as communication or collaboration, and working up to areas which require several skills to be used in unison, such as change management or leadership. These pathways are visually presented with steps and directions required to achieve your strategic goal.

Let’s map out your requirements.

Our Learning Experience Consultants can work with you to deep-dive into your current skill gaps and curate a tailored collection of courses to close those gaps.
Let’s talk microlearning.

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