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Our Compliance Expertise

As one of the leading providers of compliance solutions in Europe, Sponge has 20 years’ experience creating elearning programmes for multinational corporations in a wide range of sectors.

Crafted to meet the demands of compliance professionals and learning managers, our products can either be delivered ready-to-use, adapted to your organisation, or specially designed from the ground up. We also offer risk analysis and code of conduct consulting to help protect your company’s reputation and integrity.

Our compliance clients

Specialist authors.

Leading experts bring years of knowledge and experience to our compliance programmes.

Recognised standards.

Sponge programmes are informed by B. ISO 19600, ISO 37001, IDW PS 980, and the Guidance on the UK Bribery Act.

Valued clients.

Half of all DAX-listed companies and over 85 multinational customers trust Sponge to deliver their learning.

Networks of expertise.

To promote exchange of expertise, Sponge is a member of the BCM, BVMW, Business Keeper and CBCI networks.

Specialist Authors

To ensure relevant and up-to-date compliance content, Sponge works with experts from leading legal firms and consultancies who bring many years of research and experience to the table. When combined with our understanding of how to deliver learning, the result is high-quality training programmes that effect real change in compliance-related behaviours.

Recognised compliance experitse.

Compliance expertise

IPAF Site Assessment Course

Enriching IPAF’s quality site assessment across the globe.

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IPAF Mobile Elevated Working Platform training

Creating a blended elearning solution for 160,000 operators.

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Award-winning compliance elearning.

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