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Games and

When it comes to learning, educational games aren’t just for fun – they’re also an effective way to onboard new employees, enhance attention, provide a safe space for practice, and reinforce knowledge.

All Sponge games are available either as a ready-to-go, off-the-shelf product or one that is customised to your brand and learning objectives. Flexible hosting options and translations can also be provided.

Our Off-the-Shelf ‘Sorted’ Range of Games:

A game to train your colleagues as the first line of defence against cyber threats, hackers, phishing and other everyday attacks.

Cyber Security Sorted


Using Sponge's or your own LMS, we can manage any implementation strategy.

Mobile and web-ready.

Crafted for multiple formats, learners can enjoy games on any device.

Tracking and analysis.

Sophisticated analytics and insights make it easy to improve user experience.

Over 200+ languages.

Games can be translated efficiently and accurately into multiple languages.

Play is not a luxury. Play is a necessity.

Kay Redfield Jamison

Turn workplace learning into a 'flow' state.

Learning by doing.

Unlike rote-learning, games provide a chance for users to experience the doing.


Gamified training gives learners “small wins”, releasing endorphins and boosting their confidence.

Positive feedback.

Enhance learning with game scores, levels, achievements and time pressure.

Off-the-shelf or bespoke.

Try a game from Sponge’s existing range – or ask us to make one specially for you.

to win.

Keep your business competitive with gamified learning that drives results.


Games provide an opportunity to capture new recruits’ attention and communicate your values with maximum impact.


The way people absorb information through games is a perfect fit for business-critical compliance topics.

Reinforce knowledge.

Because games are active, they reinforce learning instead of letting it remain inert.

Change behaviours.

Games give people the opportunity to go beyond “book learning” and put skills into practice.

Want to learn more about gamification?

Speak to our experts now to understand whether a gamified solution will achieve your goals.

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