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Classic elearning.

Quite often, organisations would like to use “classic” module-based elearning courses – but their requirements go beyond what off-the-shelf products can deliver. Instead, they need creative learning solutions that respond to their distinctive needs as well as those of their employees. This is where Sponge can help.

First, we invest deeply in understanding your organisation and its people. We then use learning science to design multi-modal e learning solutions that will inspire your learners and drive higher performance. Drawing on 15+ years of experience creating award-winning solutions for global organisations, Sponge works with you to ensure that your needs are met.

Unforgettable elearning.

Creative visuals.

With Rise, Storyline, and Evolve authoring tools as our bread and butter – you name it, we can bring it to life.


Our courses are created with responsive authoring tools and accessible on desktop, tablet or mobile.


Our elearning solutions can be designed to match the look and tone of your organisation’s brand.

Powerful content.

In our hands, your elearning courses will be packed with meaningful interactions and scenarios underpinned by learning science.

Your elearning courses need to win hearts and minds. Let us show you how.

Why Sponge?

There are many reasons to choose Sponge – but here are four of the best.

Creative design.

From life-like scenarios to design that complements your brand, we help you connect with your audience.

Industry-leading development.

We’re fluent in all standard elearning authoring tools – and our own Ignite authoring tool offers even greater AI-driven functionality.

Technical deployment expertise.

From enterprise to open source, we can manage any implementation strategy on any LMS.

Sophisticated measurement insights.

Measuring the impact of your elearning allows you to adjust your strategy and identify skills gaps.

Our clients

We offer elearning for:

With flexible onboarding for global teams, our induction solutions inspire new people, get them up to speed, and track their progress to boost efficiency.

Our bespoke compliance training can be used to introduce your colleagues to the basics or provide specialist training. All courses help employees integrate compliance into their day-to-day practice.

Sponge’s cybersecurity elearning courses are designed to sensitise employees to the dangers and create a culture of better working practices – tailorable to your organisation whatever its scale.

Your sales training programme is an essential driver of product engagement and customer growth. Elearning can help you accelerate close rates, improve sales techniques and equip teams with the necessary tools.

Elearning facilitates management training by providing flexibility when time is limited. Bespoke elearning solutions from Sponge are the perfect way to acquire and reinforce new management skills quickly.


Using Sponge or your own LMS, we can manage any implementation strategy.

Mobile & web-ready.

Crafted for multiple formats, learners can use desktop, tablet or mobile.

Tracking & analysis.

Sophisticated analytics and insights make it easy to improve user experience.

Over 200+ languages.

Elearning can be translated efficiently and accurately into multiple languages.

Want to know more about elearning?

We’d love to hear from you with any questions about our bespoke programmes.

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