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Six ways to use data in elearning - Webinar


On Thursday, June 25th, Kate Pasterfield, our Head of Learning Strategy, will be sharing her insights on the effective use of data in elearning for mastery, measurement and motivation.

Would you like to know how data is being used to enhance user experience as well as provide actionable insights to L&D? How to motivate people to complete learning tasks and measure learning impact with impressive results for businesses?

Despite the leaps made in the collection of data through xAPI, bespoke tracking, state-of-the-art Learning Record Stores, and the way data enables us to enhance learning experiences, the organisational use of data remains a blind spot in L&D. In this live webinar Kate will be showing us real-life examples of how to get inspired by data and put it to a good use with your learners.

The surveys show that the biggest barriers to data collection are the lack of single source for gathering data, closely followed by 'not having built a plan to collect data', according to the L&D professionals attending this year's Learning Technologies conference. Another survey, by the Chartered Institute for Professional Development (CIPD), exposes the staggering discrepancy between viewing the data analytics as a priority (96%) and the HR professionals who have developed the core skills necessary for data analysis (24%).

Moreover, this data blind spot is not unique to the L&D industry: according to the Gartner's Data and Analytics Maturity Model, more than two thirds of enterprises worldwide have described themselves as '[companies where] data is managed in silos with ad hoc analysis', '[having] attempts to formalise but hampered by culture and barriers' or '[only] emerging in regards to agile use of data and analytics'.

There are solutions, however, that can bridge that gap, one of them being Spark, our next generation learning platform, with its ability to easily store big data in its LRS. Join Kate to find out how Spark helped expose a gap in the knowledge among a UK retailer's 13,000 staff regarding the sale of age-restricted items other than alcohol, and how leaderboards motivated global employees to complete their compliance training to deadline as part of the team initiative, and much more.

Sign up for the live webinar on 'Six inspiring ways to use data for mastery, measurement and motivation' with Kate Pasterfield, Sponge's Head of Learning Strategy, on June 25th, 2020, 10 am - 11 am. See you there!