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Onboarding webinar: How to grow (and keep) your talent


How to grow (and keep) your talent

Using digital onboarding to retain new starters and bring them up to speed faster is the focus of an expert-led online session this month.

The live webinar on Wednesday, July 19 from 3.30-4.00pm (GMT+1) will explore what new employees really want during their induction period and how the right onboarding programme can have a huge impact on their desire to commit to a company.

During the session, experts from award-winning digital onboarding provider, Sponge will be sharing real life examples of outstanding induction training across retail, pharmaceuticals, automotive and other sectors.

Onboarding webinar

How to grow (and keep) your talent

Wednesday, July 19

3.30-4.00pm (GMT+1)

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Inspire and engage

Liam O’Meara, Head of Sales and Marketing at Sponge, who’ll be hosting the session, said: “Onboarding needs to go far beyond ‘here are the fire exits’. It’s your big chance to inspire and engage new hires so they want to stick around. With ever greater competition for top talent and shortages on the horizon, what you offer as part of the induction process has never been more important. Organisations need to be creative and brave if they want onboarding that nurtures and retains talent, as well as accelerates the productivity of newbies.”

"It’s your big chance to inspire and engage new hires so they want to stick around."

Evidence suggests that a third of new hires make up their mind on staying with a business in the first week (TLNT) and 91% of millennial workers don’t expect to commit to an employer long-term (Forbes).  But with the costs of talent loss mounting for organisations, the free webinar will reveal how digital onboarding is changing the face of induction.

 Julie Wedgwood, Head of Learning Strategy at Sponge will be joining the webinar to share her decades of experience in delivering innovation onboarding solutions for global clients.

 Those attending the session will discover:

  •  Why talent retention and onboarding are inextricably linked
  •  Which digital learning innovations deliver the biggest impact 
  •  Where global businesses are achieving the best onboarding results 
  •  What new recruits are looking for when they join a company
  •  How to inspire and engage new employees with digital onboarding
  •  When to start onboarding and how long to continue

It’s free to register for the session which is aimed at Learning & Development and HR professionals looking to modernise their induction programme or augment an existing programme. 

“As retention of talent moves to the very top of the corporate agenda, we’ll be demonstrating how onboarding can play a pivotal role,” explained Liam O’Meara. “Drawing on outstanding examples from world-leading businesses, you’ll leave the webinar bursting with new ideas for your induction programme.”

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