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Damit Sie die Kontrolle über Ihre Schulungen übernehmen können, hat Sponge hochmoderne Systeme entwickelt, die Ihre Lernstrategie sowohl umsetzen als auch ergänzen.

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Making compliance training engaging


Inside Learning Technologies magazine featured a compliance training project that Sponge created for Tesco.

David Ward, Regulatory, Ethics & Compliance Director at Tesco talks about the graphic design of the project:

"Getting the right visual concept was really important, we wanted the look and feel to be encouraging, non-threatening and appealing. We also wanted it to be significantly different from previous courses staff may have completed; and to create a unique brand identity for the training. We're really impressed with the illustrative approach taken with this course and think it's extremely effective for what we're looking to achieve."

Sponge compliance training

The article focuses on how to make compliance training more engaging for employees by adding elements of gamification and creating a campaign around the course.

Some of the elements of compliance training that are featured in the article include:

  • Understanding the learning process
  • Real-time leaderboards
  • Responsive design
  • Ongoing development

Discover how Sponge made Tesco's elearning as engaging as possible whilst delivering the compliance message that was essential to the project. 

If you'd like to learn more about how Sponge can help create your next compliance training module get in touch using the buttons below.