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E-Books zur Verbesserung der persönlichen Effektivität und der Soft-Skills (engl.)


Kristian Madsen is the CEO of Bookboon, the largest online publisher of ebooks for personal development and soft skills.

Find out how ebooks can be useful to a modern learner and how Bookboon have tailored their content to make them most useful for large organisations.

The questions are provided so you can skip back and forth to learn more on a specific subject:

  • 00:50 - What does Bookboon do?
  • 01:17 - What topics do Bookboon's ebooks cover?
  • 01:54 - With so many new technologies available, does the humble exercise of reading a book still have a place in helping people learn at work?
  • 03:10 - What kind of businesses are using Bookboon, and why do they use it?
  • 04:09 - What do your readers tell you about why and how they use the ebooks?
  • 05:23 - What role does an elibrary like Bookboon play in supporting self directed learners?
  • 07:12 - What can organisations learn about their workforce by giving them access to an elibrary like Bookboon?
  • 08:17 - Does the data you can collect help an organisation improve their L&D strategy?
  • 09:10 - What's your advice for companies that would like to offer ebooks to their employees, but don't know where to start?

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Download the mp3 file using this direct link: SpongeUKPodcastEpisode028-KristianMadsen.mp3 (10:40, 6.1MB)

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