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Top 6 Digital Onboarding Trends


A Sponge workforce learning guide

Drawing on 15 years’ experience in creating digital learning for some of the world’s biggest brands, we’ve identified six key trends that will help make onboarding more agile, better suited to the modern workplace and address the key challenges of global organisations. 


Giving new talent a head start

Why beginning onboarding at the earliest possible moment adds value for individuals and businesses.

Continuous and personalised

Extending and deepening the process

Discover a new vision of onboarding that is ongoing and tailored to the needs of each person. 

Immersive learning

Powerful and realistic experiences

How immersive technologies are offering new opportunities to engage and excite new recruits.


Seamless and flexible journeys

Find out how microsites can ‘join the dots’ between recruitment, onboarding and retaining talent.


Adding challenge and fun 

How to engage new employees using digital games that encourage participation and engagement.

Social campaigns

Connecting and integrating people

How to use social sharing, peer support and networking into the onboarding mix.