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All around the world learning


For global companies, replicating the same training throughout every location can seem near impossible. Ensuring content is localised, is contextually relevant and culturally correct seems like a mountainous challenge. However, learning experts hold the key to international success.

Perhaps business is booming here in the UK, and you have decided to expand into international markets. Or, you already have international franchises, but available training to these employees is inadequate.

There’s more than a language barrier to overcome; training content needs to be relevant to the learner in terms of cultural context, terminology and imagery. Undertaking this is no mean feat. However, online training can unite dispersed learners and ensure that your brand is represented consistently, regardless of multiple locations.

Breaking down barriers

Web-based training unifies businesses and their trainees with one core objective: to upskill and tutor all employees, in order to improve staff efficiency and confidence and strengthen brand trust. Replicating this training across multiple locations does have its difficulties; that’s where we come in.
BOLT Learning has a team of experts who are accomplished in delivering training which considers cultural differences and contextual irrelevancies. By tailoring location specific training, your online training offers a resource which is exempt from any cultural anomalies and caters for the end user no matter what country they are in.

Translation vs. localisation

Translation and localisation is not the same thing, nor are they interchangeable. There’s a fine line between the two linguistic services, merely translating your material does not gratify the trainees within your global business. Localisation takes into consideration nation-specific content, currencies, date format, time zones, keyboards and character encoding – ensuring that the learner is the crux of every decision within the learning design of training material.

Getting it wrong can be embarrassing, to say the least. Pepsi famously baffled their Chinese consumers through their slogan ‘Come alive with the Pepsi generation’ which translates into Chinese as ‘Pepsi brings your ancestors back from the grave.’ Oh dear. 

Multinational material

When designing training for multinational enterprises there are a number of factors to consider :

  • Training software needs to work on non-UK operating systems.
  • Cultural sensitivities - education, religion, gestures and gender.
  • Language translation – including slang.
  • International business behaviours
  • Location specific laws and policies

By considering these learning and cultural adaptations, the training delivered to your employees will be relevant, personalised, engaging and will appear as though it was written specifically for each target location. BOLT Learning are experts in developing workforce training solutions for businesses of all sizes, locations and varying needs. If you want to improve the productivity of your team while driving down training costs, get in touch with a member of our team today.

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