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Damit Sie die Kontrolle ĂŒber Ihre Schulungen ĂŒbernehmen können, hat Sponge hochmoderne Systeme entwickelt, die Ihre Lernstrategie sowohl umsetzen als auch ergĂ€nzen.

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New twist on business simulations at LT Summer Forum


NEWS: The benefits of combining technology, games and face-to-face training to enhance business simulations will be explored at the Learning Technologies 2016 Summer Forum.

Multi-award winning learning provider, Sponge will be presenting a free seminar at the exhibition based on its work with pharmaceutical company, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK).

The session will offer ideas for giving ‘traditional’ business simulations a new twist by using a blended approach that reinforces learning and helps employees develop their skills in a realistic environment.

Seminar host, Kate Psterfield, Head of Innovation at Sponge, said:

“Simulations can be particularly effective in boosting learning retention because they allow people to practice in a safe environment, but they must deliver an authentic experience that rings true with your employees. This seminar will look at ways to exploit immersive environments by combining tech, game mechanics and the best of face-to-face. Plus, we’ll reveal how GSK is achieving success with a simulation that helps its employees understand the bigger picture of running a global business.”

During the seminar, exhibition attendees will learn about:

  • The value of simulations
  • When simulations can be effective
  • How to create an authentic scenario
  • How to build in game elements
  • How to facilitate technology-enabled simulations
  • Tips for project success
  • Feedback from the GSK example

Learning Technologies Summer Forum takes place at Olympia, London on Tuesday, June 14.

The session, called Realism without risk: Using business simulations to boost performance, takes place in Theatre 2 from 12.45-13.15pm.

The Summer Forum is free to attend by registration for L&D professionals in a current L&D role and involved in any aspect of organisational learning and learning technology.

Sponge is a gold winner of Elearning Development Company of the Year and Outstanding Learning Organisation of the Year at The Elearning Awards, now known as The Learning Technologies Awards.

The company is exhibiting at the Summer Forum at Stand 11.