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Damit Sie die Kontrolle über Ihre Schulungen übernehmen können, hat Sponge hochmoderne Systeme entwickelt, die Ihre Lernstrategie sowohl umsetzen als auch ergänzen.

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Learning reinforcement: The most important factor in the…


A learning strategy ebook

Without a strategy to top up your learners knowledge you're losing most of the benefits of your learning.

Research has shown that reinforcing learning is an effective way of locking in the information in your training. 

Covering the benefits as well as the pitfalls to avoid, this guide will explain why and how learning reinforcement is the most important factor in the success of your learning strategy.

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Topics include:

  • 3 compelling reasons for learning reinforcement
    • Scientific research
    • The learning cycle
    • Impact on the bottom line
  • Barriers to learning reinforcement
  • Using learning reinforcement in the workplace
  • Real life case studies

“Without reinforcement, even the best learning intervention will fail to reach its full potential and deliver lasting impact.” Stephen Miller, Head of Platforms Sponge.